Better Blends = Better Results.

Our science backed superfood formulas are the result of years of nutritional research by our medical founder and anti-aging specialist.

They are formulated with proprietary blends of top tier, clean ingredients blended to optimize absorption and work synergistically to help you age better, feel better and look better.

We started with the Flipping Basics.

Each Flip My Life blend establishes the foundation for transformation and energizing your body while fortifying essential aspects of well-being, including gut health, vitality, cognitive function, cardiovascular strength, immunity, stress resilience, sleep, mood and overall whole-body balance.

We Solved The Bloat, Taste + Texture Issue You May Get With Other Protein Powders.

While our blends are science driven, and results oriented, we put a major emphasis on taste and texture because if it doesn’t taste good or make you feel good, you won’t stick to it.

Consistency is a major factor in flipping your wellness journey. It can improve your physical health, but it also fosters mental resilience, emotional balance and self confidence.

 Hear More From Dr. Gerry Farris, MD 

Stress? Bounce Back with Adaptagens.

Dr. Farris breaks down the buzz on Adaptagens -- bioactive compounds known as nature’s stress fighters found in certain plants and mushrooms. They’re like your wellness Swiss Army knife, offering a myriad of whole body benefits beyond just stress and fatigue such as cognitive function, boosting immunity, energy, mood, and fighting inflammation.