Over 40 Fatigue: Getting Your Energy Back

Over 40 Fatigue: Getting Your Energy Back

Do you feel like you’ve lost your vibrance lately? You’re not alone. You’ve heard the phrase, "age is just a number," but as we get older, it becomes apparent that this number does have a significant impact on our energy levels unless we develop a strategy for fighting fatigue. At Flip My Life, we like to say, you are not your age, you are your energy. The good news is, you can't change when you were born, but you can change your energy level.

Our resident physician, Dr Gerry Farris who is also a leading expert on anti-aging tells us “Fatigue, or the loss of energy, is the most common complaint I see practicing functional and anti-aging medicine.” As we age, our bodies naturally start to slow down, and we tend to feel less energetic, more sluggish and foggy, making it challenging to keep up with the day to day.

Understanding the cause of your fatigue is step one.

There are some chronic conditions that can cause excessive tiredness, but more common causes include changes in hormones, sleep patterns, less melatonin production, loss of muscle mass and decreased stamina, disruptors like using technology at night and, most importantly, diet. Dr Farris states that one of the major contributing factors to fatigue is “eating a calorie dense, but nutritionally deficient diet. The answer lies in understanding how you can stay in a calorie deficit while receiving enough of what your body needs and Flip My Life helps with this on both ends. The formulas are nutritionally complete to supply the body with daily needs, while helping with satiety.”

Step two is getting the right nutrients in your body.

Our Flip 7 meal replacement shakes were made for this. The formula was scientifically formulated with 7 health extending mega blends to increase energy, promote better sleep, reduce inflammation, increase focus, assist with weight loss, elevate mood and give you the essential nutrients your body may be missing that contribute to lack of energy. You get all the critical vitamins, minerals, clean plant protein, adaptogens, probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes and a burst of antioxidants that can help you to start feeling better fast. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll notice an uptick in your energy levels in just 7 days or we will happily refund your money. It's a win-win. To help hit your protein goals, our Flip 7 shakes have 20g of protein and then if you add our Collagen, Peptides & Biotin with water once a day, it’s an extra 9g of protein and supports aging hair, skin and nails.

Step three is all about moving your body.

Exercise is crucial in maintaining muscle mass and boosting energy levels. To maintain muscle mass, you should consider resistance training like lifting weights or using your own body weight for workouts. Cardio alone will not build muscle you need to stay strong. To help with your movement goals, we have our own Workout Coach with free workouts for all levels available to support you.

Step four is getting your mind right.

Do you have emotional issues that are weighing you down or do you feel stuck in the challenges you are currently facing? Emotions are energy in motion so when you feel bad or sad or disappointed or frustrated that shows up in your energy. This is why we support you with free mindset coaching from Celebrity Mindset Coach, Laura St. John and include exclusive webinars that help you move your energy from stuck to satisfied, unhealthy to healthy.

Lastly, getting proper rest is perhaps the most important habit to adopt when combating fatigue.

Establishing a consistent sleep schedule, minimizing screen time before bed, and creating a relaxing environment can promote restful sleep and boost energy levels.

After treating thousands of patients and many athletes, Dr Farris believes “being healthy is a journey and you are the key ingredient to making it a happy and successful one. Good health and energy is a combination of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states and all these factors must be aligned to be successful.”

Don’t act your age. Instead, make a few flips in your daily routine and be your energy rather than a number on a calendar.

For a no-coffee crash energy boost that also enhances focus and assists with gut health and heart health, try our Super Matcha Latte.

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