Matcha Better Health

Matcha Better Health

You may love the way your daily matcha tastes, but did you know that it is so much more than a delicious coffee replacement? Matcha is so chockfull of health benefits that drinking it actually feels like an act of self care and an important tool in your wellness regime and anti-aging routine.

If you don’t know what Matcha is, think Green Tea amplified. Green Tea and Matcha come from the same plant, but the tea bushes for Matcha are shielded from light for up to a month before they are harvested to activate an increase in biologically active compounds, including theanine, caffeine, chlorophyll, amino acid, antioxidants and various types of catechins, specifially EGCG, the free radical neutralizer, fat burner and metabolism booster.

In effect, matcha is an energy booster, a fat burner, a metabolism booster all while helping protect against inflammation, brain degeneration, heart health, blood sugar levels, and supporting detoxification in the body. All that in one delicious drink? Make mine a double.

Here is a simplified breakdown of matcha’s top 7 potential health benefits according to a study done by the National Institute for Health.


  1. Helps burn fat and increase metabolism
  2. Assists in fighting free radicals in the body
  3. Is a powerful anti-inflammatory
  4. Supports brain health, heart health, strengthens arteries and may help balance blood sugar.
  5. Helps detoxify the liver
  6. Supports energy and focus
  7. Calms the mind, enhances mood, boosts alertness without the coffee crash.

Health Note, it is not recommended to have more than 2 cups of matcha in one day. While matcha is considered to be highly beneficial, everyone reacts differently to plant compounds and individual tolerance varies.

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