From Frustrated to Flipping Healthy. The Why Behind Flip My Life from our Founder.

From Frustrated to Flipping Healthy. The Why Behind Flip My Life from our Founder.

Three years ago I was 35 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT, out of shape, had no energy, felt horrible and was pushing 60 years old. I tried everything on the market to help me lose weight and get back on track. Holistic supplementation targeted for someone my age was hard to come by in one brand. The ingredients that I needed were diametrically opposed to what a 25-year-old needs. This was the original Flip My Life moment. I needed to solve issues like energy, focus, inflammation, pain, immunity, sleep, stress, weight gain, thinning hair, dull, lax skin — not just gain muscle for a pic on my Instagram feed.

Having been in product development for most of my career, I saw a real need for better nutritional supplementation that targeted key issues of aging and solved some of the main problems I found with other protein powders. They were either really expensive or were getting ingredients from China or using lesser quality blends, they produced gas and bloating and quite a few had issues with texture and taste. I wanted to solve all of that, and in creating Flip My Life, we have. Problems solved: bloat, taste, texture, solubility, and cost! We have made these types of products affordable to everyone so they can stay committed and consistent.

Research is continuing to show that most diseases start in the gut. And science is learning so much more now about how the brain and the gut are interconnected. People don’t even realize how even your mood and sense of well-being is directly related to your gut health. So it was imperative that Flip My Life provide the absolute best quality products, made in the U.S., all sourced with clean nutrient rich ingredients and made affordable. Good nutrition is the catalyst and provides the foundational support for all other changes to begin. We know if you don’t “feel” good, it affects the way you show up in life.

This is why I wanted a company that addressed more than just nutrition. I come from a high paced, very transactional product and marketing background I have never been able to engage my customers… I wanted something so different with Flip My Life. I want customers that would experience real transformation like I have, and not feel like they were alone on their wellness and aging journey. I wanted our customers to not only feel different, look different, but also think differently and move differently so the next years of their lives can be the best years. One of our core beliefs is that when one of us is lifted, we all rise. This is why we added something no other company does — free mindset coaching and free workouts plus health tips from our Dr, who happens to be a 63-year-old triathlete and a leading anti-aging specialist. I want people to transform their lives, not just fill their pantry with products.

My passion is to truly change the world, one life at a time. As the world seems to be disconnecting, this company is bringing people together with our community page, with our free webinars and sharing our personal journeys. Nothing makes me happier than to hear your flipping journey of challenges and successes. We are all in this together, and the Flip Family we’ve created is here for you.

— John Cammarano, Founder, Flip My Life, Inc.

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